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Sebastian Vettel: Can the glory come back to him ?

Sebastian Vettel: Can the glory come back to him ?

Bringing many flaming racing matches with the groundbreaking spectacular, Sebastian Vesstel is currently evaluated as one of the most excellent F1 racers.

Who is Sebastian Vettel?

Born in July 3rd 1987 in Heppenheim, West Germany. Sebastian Vettel is a reticent and simple person, together with a firmly family background that always support him in speed racing road.

Sebastian Vettel is one of the youngest F1 racing champion in the worldSebastian Vettel is one of the youngest F1 racing champion in the world

Sebastian Vettel’s father is Norber who owned a wood shop. Sebastian Vettel’s mother is Heike who just stayed at home as a housewife. Sebastian has two older sister and one younger brother. His older sister is Stefanie Vettle who workes as a physiotherapist for disabled children, while the one is Melanie who is a dental technician, has an interest in horse-race.

His youngest brother is Febian who also had a passion for sport like his older brother when he was a child, but his family wanted him to go in another field. However, Fabian, together with his passion is now a professional racing driever but not has many outstanding achievements like his older brother.

When Sebastian was small, he thought that becoming a racer was not his biggest dream because he was a big fan of “The three Michael”, they are Michael Jackson, Michael Schumacher and Michael Jordan. However he realized that he didn’t have an impressive voice ,so that he could not become a singer like Michael Jackson. He also felt his basketball talent which was excellent like Micheal Jordan. Sebastian Vettel decided to be a racer like his idol – Michael Schumarcher, Michael Schumarcher is also Sebastian’s countryman, and he also feel this was an advantageous way to harmonize what he had most.

When he was small, Sebastian had decided to become a racer like his idol-Michael SchumarcherWhen he was small, Sebastian had decided to become a racer like his idol-Michael Schumarcher

Norbert-his father built a small track on the empty yard in front of his house with difficult bends, skid rinks,… to become a playground for children playing. This place  was also where the 3-year-old boy practicing on a minicar. From that very time, he grew up with his passion as well as the family support.

Sebastian expressed for his father to see his ear gift as well as excellent talent since he was a chid practicing driving in the front yard. So that although they was not a wealthy family, Norbert always supported his son following the passion. He sold his favourite terrain vehicle and spent his times on taking Sebastian to big or small car museums and talking with each target units to find a sponsor.

They received every assistance to complete Sebastian’s dream, so that he worn a costume printed the logo of Vodka brand. After Sebastian had succeeded to be a well-known racer who gained many prizes, Norbert even had to end his work as people think that it is not necessary to pay salary for the father of a millionaire.

Sebastian printed what Lancer Amstrong said and pasted it on the wall, which was his motive to remind himself that: “Every wins which i gained were payed the penalty by many liters of sweat.” Sebastian studied in Heppenhein and had an exquisite love with Hanna Prater when he was at highschool. His close friend from childhood- Hanna Prater, who went to school after he entered school 1 year, became industrial design undergraduate.

Love bearing fruits with sweet berries is two daughter as princessed and a little prince. Emilie is his first daughter who was born in Jarnuary 2014, the second daughter is Matilda born in September 2015 before Sebastian, together with Hanna officially got married in June 2019, and then they had a little son who was born in November 11st 2019.

This couple are private to the media as well as use social network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter… to share their private life. Sebastian even thought about using no mobile phones. Their lives are simple and rare to show off with casual clothes. Hanna Prater is hardly public to go supporting same as the girlfriends or wifes of other racers. However, when he is interviewed by reporters about the racing tournaments, matches… Sebastian is always glad to answer the questions, He just wants the media not to know excessively about his private life.

Sebastian and his wife - Hanna PraterSebastian and his wife – Hanna Prater

Racing cars are passions for him to spend money like water. At his house in Switzerland, he has a gallery room where is displayed with cups as well as champagne for the winner. Sebastian can speak fluently three languges which are German, English-the official language to communicate in the racing tournaments and Italian. In addition, Sebastian Vettel can play many different sports. He is an enthusiastic supporter of German foodball team and Eintracht Frankurt club.

Sebastian Vettle has a nickname which is “ Schumi baby” because of having driving style like his idol, but he still like being named of new Vettel.

Milestones in the career of Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettle participated in the speed races when he was very young. When he was at the age of eight, Sebastian Vettel officially began racing in professional races such as karts series and gained many achievements when winning the championship of German Karting, European Karting, and Cup Kart Kart.

Red Bull racing team found Sebastian when he took part in Kerpen. In 1998 he was just at the age of elevent , Sebastian was admitted to enlist in Red Bull Junior Team and received the nickname of Junior Monaco Kart Cup in 2001.

In 1998, Sebastian was admitted to enlist in Red Bull Junior TeamIn 1998, Sebastian was admitted to enlist in Red Bull Junior Team

Sebastian’s first professional tournament is Formula BMW ADAC, he won 5/19 racing matches and achieved the second postion at the end of the race. In 2003, Sebastian Vettel was given by Derrick Walker an opportunity to try driving Reynard Motorsport Champ Car. In the next tournament in 2004, Sebastian made a suprise when he won the championship with the victory of 18/20 racing matches. In 2005, Sebastian took part in many racing competitions such as Formula 3 Euro Series, Grand Prix Macau, Masters of Formula 3.

Beginning participating in the professional racing Formula One tournament, Sebastian Vettel in BMW racing team with a test driver who was not evaluated well by the organization. They believed that Sebastian’s driving skill was too inexpericed, he drove very slowly that compared with 2 other racers who are Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica, so that he had to go to Toro Rosso during the middle of the tournament in 2007. In contract to BMW, when enlisting for Toro Rosso, Sebastian was valued and became a main racer in the team. He demonstrated his excellent talent for people when winning the first position in the race of Monza, Italy in 2008. From that very time, Sebastian learned speaking  Italian to communicate with the technicians.

In 2006, Sebastian moved to race for Sauber racing team and tried driving in the final match of the tournament and two first matches of the 2017 race. Apart from the test driver for Sauber racing team, Sebastian also took part in many other racing tournaments and gained some victories.

Owning that achievements, Sebastian was recruited by Red Bull and came back to this team in 2009. At the start of the 2009 season, Vettel replaced the retired David Coulthart at Red Bull racing, and began strongly at the Australian Grand Prix, qualifying third and running in second for the majority of the race. During the period of six tournaments in Red Bull racing team, Sebastian Vettel won six championships. In 2010, he gained the Formula One championship for the first time. After this, in 2011, it is easy for him to guarantee his championship with the victories of 11/19 racing matches.

Sebastian was recruited to come back Red Bull racing team in 2009Sebastian was recruited to come back Red Bull racing team in 2009

In 2012, he succeeded a groundbreaking way to guarantee his championship. In 2013, it witnessed many milestones of Sebastian’s success when he won for nine consecutive times at the end of the racing tournament and 4 victories in the first four matches at the beginning of the race. However, this is the last year in a chain of winning the consecutive championships in Sebastian’s career as he didn’t gain any victories in the racing matches.

Mercedes overthrew a chain of glorious victories of Sebastian and Red Bull. At the end of the 2014 tournamnet, Sebastian enlisted for Ferrari with an impressive beginning. Vettel mentioned he would like to drive for Ferrari at some point in his career and was rumoured to have a non-binding pre-contract, with options, to join them in 2014. is contract extension to the end of 2015 seemed to end any discussion that Vettel was about to make the Ferrari move.

However, 2016 is a challenging year for Sebastian when he reached the podium for many times but the final win is belonged to Red Bull in loan of Ferrari. From 2017 to 2018, this is a terrible time for Sebastian Vettle when he was not able to remain his sustainable standing and a challenge of the first positon ended in vain attempt.

From 2010 to 2013, Sebastian Vettel won four championships consecutivelyFrom 2010 to 2013, Sebastian Vettel won four championships consecutively

Regarding some times when Sebastian Vettel was punished:

  • Deducting 10 seconds when having a purpose to collide and overcome in the Azerbaijan GP racing match in 2017.
  • Deducting 3 points when pulling in unsafely and nearly colliding with Lance Stroll in the sixth match of Grand Prix Italy 2019.
  • Punishing 5 seconds, which made him have no chance to reach the podium in the tournament in Montreal on June 9th because he returned the race track unsafely, which obstracted Lewis Hamilton.

Sebastian Vettel’s outstanding achievements

In his racing career up to this present time, Sebastian Vettel has gained many honourable titles.

  • In 2008, wonning the championship at the Grand Prix Italy
  • In 2009, finishing at the second position in the World’s Driver Champion tournament
  • In 2010, becomming the youngest racing champion on the world in the Formula One tournament
  • In 2011, gaining the first four position of four matches
  • In 2012 – 2013, preserving the sustainable championship for four consecutive times
  • In 2014, gaining the fifth position at the end of the race
  • In 2015, winning the third position when enlisting for Scuderia Ferrari racing team
  • In 2016, achieving the fifth position
  • In 2017 – 2018, gaining the runner-up in the Driver Champion tournament
  • In 2019, finishing at the first position at the Grand Prix Singapore

Sebastian Vettel owns many records in the Formula One world when he was youngest racer (Sebastian was at the age of 19 at that time) who gained points after a long racing match and finishing at 8 position at Grand Prix USA in 2007. In 2008, he became the youngest racer who won the pole at Grand Prix Italy and finished at the first position in a Formula One match. Sebastian Vettel breaks Lewis Hamilton’s record when he is the youngest racer who won the World’s Driver Championship. He is also the youngest racer standing on the podium. Sebastian is also the youngest racer who has won the World’s Driver Championship for two times, that break the record which Fernando Alonso owned.

Sebastian Vettel breaks Lewis Hamiton’s record and become the youngest racer who won the World’s Driver ChampionshipSebastian Vettel breaks Lewis Hamiton’s record and become the youngest racer who won the World’s Driver Championship

Sebastian Vettel in 2019

On September 2019, Sebastian Vettel has won the first position after he had to wait about 392 days from the most recent day when he reached the podium at the Grand Prix Singapore. Nowadays, he still dedicates his talent for Scuderia Ferrari racing team. In the future, he accompanied with Scuderia Ferrari team can participate in more and more racing tournaments, can he bring the glory for his racing team? We completely have a reason to keep witnessing how Sebastian Vettel preserve his excellent standing, and whether or not he can gain groundbreaking achivements one more time, together with his enthusiasm for racing car and a passion for car-wheels.

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