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How Much Is An Electric Dirt Bike? Check It Now of 2019!

How Much Is An Electric Dirt Bike? Check It Now of 2019!

An electric dirt bike is a perfect companion for those who are adventurous. It is undeniable that it has become more and more popular nowadays.

If you’re about to go for a new bike and still get confused “how much is an electric dirt bike,” then let us help you.

With numerous types on the market now, you may find it difficult to purchase the good one that can fit both your need and your budget.

Keep reading, and you can have the answer to your question and make the right decision as well.

Sur-Ron White Ghost e-bikeSur-Ron White Ghost e-bike

Benefits of an electric dirt bike

Good for your healthy

First of all, an electric dirt bike allows you to use as any regular terrain mountain bike. Thanks to the vehicle’s power mode, you can cross any terrain with minimal effort.

You can overcome all obstacles and difficulties that seem impossible. Speed, balance, comfort, and mobility are its superiorities.

Environmentally friendly

Another plus point of the electric dirt bike is that it uses no fuel, which can help protect the environment while we are facing to the greenhouse effect.

Factors you must consider before buying an electric dirt bike

Besides the manufacturing brand, quality is one of the most important factors that decide the bike’s price. Therefore, it’s essential for you to get to know these following issues:

Electric motor system

There are currently two major brands dominating the market, namely Bosch and Panasonic. Other well-known engine brands are Impulse or Kalkhoff and Focus of Derby Cycles Group.

Battery capacity

You should ensure the battery’s operating range. Commonly, the battery capacity is measured in watts/ hour (Wh) or the formula: volt x Amper/hour. The larger the battery capacity is, the higher the operating range is.

There are two types of standard voltage: 36V and 47 V to get strong mobility for the off-road vehicle power system, instead of 26V for urban electricity bikes.

Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross BikeRazor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike


There are two main types of sensor. The first one, motion sensor, is responsible for activating the engine right from the first cycle. This type is highly reliable and cheap.

The second one, pressure sensor, is started as soon as you press the pedal. It has more expensive production costs but allows longer range and more active response.


Depending on your purpose, you can choose either a bike with a partial absorber system (front suspension) or the one with full adsorber system(the front and rear of the bike).

The partial absorber system makes it easier to control your bike. In contrast, the full one is more comfortable, but the bike will be heavier.

Wheel size (26, 27.5 or 29 inches)

According to experts, 29-inch wheels are those who love to travel or go on the ramp.

More commonly, 26-inch wheels are for those who are more interested in mechanical steering and dynamic engines.

When it comes to the new 27.5-inch type, it is an excellent compromise between speed and steering control.

Best electric dirt bikes with their prices

You may not know that at first electric dirt bikes were only for kids, but in the past couples of years, they have attracted even the most experienced riders.

Therefore, the electric dirt bikes’ prices drop in a different range. In each range, you can choose a good and suitable one for yourself. We’ve picked up some as suggestions that you can refer to.

Electric dirt bikes for kids

#Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Price: $520 (

This type of bike is recommended for ages 16 and older with a weight limit of 220 pounds.

It’s equipped with the 650w electric motor and the maximum speed of 17 mph which is an accomplished combo for the ultimate experience.

The dual suspension and riser handlebars offer a comfortable off-road session.

When it comes to controlling, the large pneumatic knobby tires can guarantee the maximum power.

It takes about 12 hours to charge from zero to full charge.

#Burromax TT250 Mini Dirt Bike

Price: $389.95 (

It is a favorite choice for beginners just starting to get into the motocross world.

This bike offers two choices of speed, including the low speed (7 mph) and the high speed (14 mph).

Thanks to the variable throttle control and the excellent frame design from welded tube steel, it provides a smooth ride.

The large wheel with twist grip variable acceleration gives ride full speed control.

Electric dirt bikes for adults

#Vector Vortex Off-Road Electric Dirt Bike

Price: $6799

Vector Vortex is a great choice of the electric dirt bike that can meet any harsh riding conditions. Thanks to the innovative gear system, it can smoothly go through hilly terrain.

The bike comes with the peak power of 10,000w which gives riders amazingly perfect riding experience.

The highlight of this bike is the lack of noise even on a high speed due to its small front sprocket.

You need only two hours for the battery to re-charged up to 100 percent.

#Sur-Ron White Ghost e-bike

Price: $3000

Sur-Ron White Ghost is one of the most exciting electric dirt bikes originated from China. This vehicle is equipped with the electric motors of 10kW (equivalent to 13.4hp).

The top speed for this bike is 100 km/h with three optional riding modes including Economy, Sport, and Turbo. In Turbo mode, the engine gains 20% of the power for 20 seconds to help the vehicle pass the ramps.

It takes three hours to charge fully for the battery system of 60 V.

White Ghost has a modern and comfortable design. The position of the fuel tank on regular motorbike models is used as a container.

It also has a keyless boot system, including the ability to identify the vehicle location and act as a flashlight.


The final words

Delta Wing hope that with our information, you can make the right decision when buying a new electric dirt bike.

For quality assurance and reasonable warranty, you should purchase at agencies that specialize in providing electric bicycles. Consider carefully and happy hunting!

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