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10+ Best Electric Bikes Reviews under 1000 to 500 of 2019


In modern time, electric commuting devices are gradually becoming popular and replacing other common means of transport.

The rise of e-bikes, the short form of electric bicycles, is obvious since there is a wide variety of models to appear in the market.

As a result, it is both easy and difficult to choose the best electric bike of 2019 within your budget. Delta Wing used to have the same problem in finding the most suitable one in the mid-range price.

 Best Electric Bikes Reviews under 1000 to 500

So I’m here to share my experience.

Delta Wing will help you select the best electric bikes 2019 between $500 and $1000.

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My Top Pick For Electric Bikes 2019 From $500 to $1000

WALLKE Folding Aluminum Electric Bike

First, I want to make it clear that WALLKE Electric Bikes surely costs more than $1000.

So why it is in the list of $500 to $1000 e-bikes?

The thing is, the manufacturer is so generous that there are seasonal sales for the WALLKE Folding Model. Therefore, you can easily get a high quality WALLKE for less than $1000.

One of the greatest things about WALLKE is the powerful lithium battery. It is actually a Samsung battery so you don’t have to think much about the endurance.

Moreover, you can detach the battery to charge separately.

The highest distance of WALLKE Folding E-bikes is amazing. Can you imagine a bike can reach 25 miles with one full charge?

When there is pedal assisted, it can even go for 30 miles.

You will also love the tiny LCD screen, placed conveniently for you to observe the mileage, speed and the battery.

There are even an additional headlight and a speaker to keep you safe when driving at night.

The folding ability allows you to save space when not riding a WALLKE.

This is such a convenient electric biking model for all.

Rattan 26-inch Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike

According to Just Not Sports , Even faster than the WALLKE Folding E-bikes, Rattan Electric Mountain Bike can reach the maximum of 30 miles at the normal mode.

If you turn to assisted mode, the highest speed is 50 mph.

Isn’t it fantastic?

Another good point of Rattan E-bikes is that they are 100% aluminum made. The allow frame is upgraded with the modern technology of hydro forming and electrostatic baking vanish.

No matter how heavy you are, Rattan will serve you well.

What I love about Rattan Electric Mountain Bikes is the ability to go on any kinds of terrains. You know that mountain roads are usually bumpy, sometimes even muddy and very slippery.

Thanks to the anti-slip resistant tires and the shock absorbers, you will feel free and easy in all kinds of roads.

If you usually ride on mountainous areas, Rattan E-bikes will be a helpful assistant because the classic Shimano 7-Speed transmission system will support the hill-climbing capacity.

Just need to adjust the speed mode, you can easily climb up high slopes.

Hurbo 250W/350W Folding Electric Bike

Hurbo Folding Electric Bike seems to be a combination of WALLKE and Rattan.

You will have the strong lithium battery which can be removed for separate recharge. A big bonus is that it has a smarter and quicker charger.

That’s how you get the full battery in a shorter time.

Hurbo is also foldable so you can save up quite a lot of room when not using.

The aluminum alloy frame reduces the weight of the Hurbo Electric Bikes greatly. In case you run out of battery, pedaling a Hurbo will not be a big problem.

There are 2 biking modes. The E-bike mode enables you to enjoy leisurely riding for a long time while you can reach the maximum distance of 50 miles in the Assisted-bike mode.

The distinctive feature of Hurgo lies in the premium brakes in both front and rear wheels. They are all disc brakes for greater safety.

That’s why I can let my children ride a Hurgo without much worry.

Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike

At first, I was not really satisfied with the distance a Cyclamatic can ride in one full charge. It is only about 30 miles.

However, my 14-year-old son adored the sporty design of Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike so I bought it for him.

Now that he has been using it for almost 3 years, I find the limit in riding length is acceptable because there are a lot more merits.

The first one is the battery takes only 4 to 6 hours to fully recharge. It means that though you ride quite a long distance, it doesn’t take long to increase the power.

Removable batteries of other e-bikes can be useful for recharging but the bad thing is water and dust and many harmful elements from the outside can enter the heart of an e-bike.

That’s why I prefer the sealed battery of Cyclamatic CX1.

Furthermore, Cyclamatic is easy to use. My son got used to with the e-bike just after 3 or 4 rides.

It’s all thanks to the modern intelligent technology in the pedals. As soon as you kick off pedaling, the motor will begin to work and support your riding.

NAKTO Electric Bicycle

If you find the above electric bicycles look somewhat male like, here is a delicate design for girls and ladies.

Not made from aluminum, NAKTO Electric Bicycles are built from carbon steel. Though it is heavier, the frame is more endurable and the cost is reduced.

The transmission system is 6-speed Shimano so you have a lot of options for speed.

Even at the greatest velocity, your safety is always secured with the V-brake on the front wheel and an expansion brake at the back wheel.

Like other models of e-bikes, NAKTO comes with a detachable battery, allowing you to recharge separately.

It is also made from lithium so you can be sure that the battery will last very long.

2 riding modes will suit the requirement of all kinds of traveling. The distance range in the normal mode is about 28 miles while in the PAS mode, you can ride up to 35 miles.

Despite the feminine appearance, NAKTO Electric Bikes are actually speedy. The maximum velocity is 25 mph thanks to motors with the brushless gear.

NAKTO Electric Bicycle Fat Tire Mountain EBike

Another NAKTO e-bike on my list is the Fat Tire Mountain E-bike model. I bought this for my niece some years ago and she definitely loved it at first sight.

The design of NAKTO Mountain Electric Bicycles is kind of unisex so both schoolboys and schoolgirls can ride it.

Similar to the NAKTO Sporting, this model is also carbon steel made, which means a little more weight for better sturdiness.

The thing I like best about NAKTO Mountain E-bikes is the high resistance tires. They look a bit bigger than the common tires but they allow greater shock absorption and better cushioning.

Rugged terrains are no problem to NAKTO Mountain E-bikes.

The highest velocity is 25 mph, suitable for daily commuting to and from school or office.

The safety feature in the brake system is the same as NAKTO E-bike Sporting with a little upgrade. The brand new air suspension fork provides additional comfort while the hydraulic brakes support quick stop in an emergency.

Tomasar Power Electric Bike

If you often exercise by riding a bicycle, I highly recommend you purchase a Tomasar Power Electric Bike.

This e-bike has a 250W brushless gear motor. This is not a very impressive number.

But for the ultimate aim of exercising, it is quite enough to just assist you to climb up sometimes.

The frame made from aluminum also enables the e-bike to bear up to 150 kilos, which is above the average weight of an adult.

Both of the wheels even have one more layer of aluminum to strengthen the durability.

Although the speed limit is only 15 mph, Tomasar can travel up to more than 30 miles in a single full charge. It is due to the lithium battery which can be detached for charging off the frame.

The e-bike is equipped with a cage for a water bottle as a supplement for your long riding.

An LED lamp in the front and a horn on the left handle will keep you safe while traveling at night.

Merax 26” Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike

Merax Electric Mountain Bike is an affordable model with premium features that you would like to have in a professional mountain bike.

It is built from top-class aluminum alloy for a lightweight frame and high-strength carbon steel for sturdiness and endurance.

The wheels have a perfect size of 26 inches, suitable for not only teenagers but also adults. The second coat of aluminum is added to the wheels for even more durability.

Get on the Merax Mountain E-bike, you will feel completely different because the seat and the handlebar are specially designed to add comfort while you are riding on mountainous areas.

The lithium battery of Merax is extremely long-lasting. You are likely to travel a distance of far more than 31 miles before you need to recharge the battery.

Merax has an up-to-date accelerating system. Every time you speed up, it will be very smooth and easy. No sudden acceleration.

One thing I don’t like about Merax is that the assembling is complicated. If you miss just one piece of information from the manual guide, everything can go wrong.

SwagCycle Pro Folding Electric Bike

SwagCycle is a product of Swagtron, one of the most prestigious corporations in the industry for e-devices.

Personally, I think the appearance of SwagCycle is childish with small wheels. However, the tires are actually powerful and can stand all kinds of terrains.

The e-bike features air-filled wheels, sturdy, rubber tires for better traction and absolute shock absorbency.

I used to a lot of doubts because this is a pedal-free model. What if the battery shut down?

The lithium battery, powered by a 350W motor, ensures that a SwagCycle Pro can go up to 15.5 miles before another full charge.

Moreover, there is a simple, easy-to-use app to connect your e-bike with your smartphone.

So you are always kept informed of the battery level and the estimated range the bike can run.

With a strong motor, SwagCycle Pro is able to climb up 12-degree incline.

It is also a folding electric bike that you can fold up and release within 5 minutes.

Very convenient if you need to transfer to a bus or subway.

Shaofu Folding Electric Bicycle

Last but not least is a new face from Shaofu. Though Shaofu Folding Electric Bicycle has just been introduced in the market, it already gets a name for one of the highest quality at the most reasonable price.

Shaofu E-bikes are lightweight thanks to the premium aluminum alloy frame. The design is sporty and minimal. The ability to be folded up makes it even more favorable.

The detachable battery will not make you worry about water or dust penetration because Shaofu Electric Bikes feature IPX5, quite a great index for water resistance.

The common 2 riding modes also appear in the Shafu E-bikes. With an effective motor, the mileage range of a Shaofu can be greater than 30 miles with the fastest speed of about 15 mph.

A big bonus of Shaofu e-bike is the Bluetooth connection and an App monitor.

You can take full control of your e-bike from the battery to the speed with these 2 add-ons.

Do You Really Know What Electric Bikes Are?

Yes, you can understand that electric bikes are normal bicycles with an integrated electric motor.

But to fully understand the term, it can be pretty complex.

Are motorcycles, which actually come from the word “motor” and “cycle”, classified as e-bikes?

And can we call e-bikes as mopeds?

When e-bikes were first introduced in the market, the additional motor was to promote the pedal power only.

Now that the battery has been greatly improved, the manufacturers are tending to remove the pedals and make e-bikes closer to moped-style functionality.

However, the mileage range and the maximum velocity of electric bicycles are not very high. In one full charge, they can ride up to 25 miles at an average of 15 mph.

In most of the countries, no license is required for riding a motorized bicycle but a helmet is a must.

What To Consider To Select The Best E Bike 2019

Your Purpose

You can choose to buy a pretty cheap e-bike but it’s still cost a considerable sum of money.

So think carefully before purchasing.

Your electric bicycle should serve your planned purpose.

Is it for daily commuting?

Will it for exercising in mountain terrains?

Where will you be riding it? Around the city center or in the forest?

Do you need to transfer to a bus or train or subway?

Your answers are essential to select the type of e-bikes. Whether it is a mountain bike or a usual city bike? A commuting bike or racing bike?

Make this decision first. Then, we’ll go for details later.

The Battery

It is the heart of a motorized bicycle. Without a battery, it’s just a heavier normal bike. With a bad battery, it burdens your riding, making you exhausted instead of assisting your pedal power.

The best choice is a battery made from premium lithium with the latest technology and great capacity.

It’s also better to opt for lightweight batteries which are detachable. Removable batteries are convenient for charging. Too heavy batteries weigh up the bike and make it burdensome for long riding.

The charging time shouldn’t go over 6 hours because you don’t want to wait too long before you can get on your e-bike.

The Frame

There are many kinds of frames available, covering all kind of expenses. Aluminum alloy frames are lightweight while high-strength carbon steel is durable.

The frame will be modified according to what you will use the e-bike for.

Fashionable aluminum alloy frames are easy to get in shape so you can find a lot of models made from aluminum.

Mountain bikes, on the other hand, are often built from carbon steel for better sturdiness.

Other supplementary features

More recent models of motorized bicycles are equipped with an application for better control of the bike.

Some even have a small speaker or 3.5mm audio jack with Bluetooth connection so that you can enjoy your favorite music while riding.

These accessories, of course, increase the price of an e-bike. Therefore, if you think you can live without it, you can find a more affordable model.

The Right Way To Ride An Best Electric Bicycle

Like any other modes of transport, you can cause an accident or injure yourself if you do wrong with an e-bike.

Everything takes time to get used to with it.

So don’t jump to a motorized bicycle and head to the busy road at the first time you ride. Let yourself accustomed to the speed by pedaling then increasing the velocity.

Though you don’t need a license, always remember to wear a helmet for your safety.

If you go for a night ride, check if the headlight and the rear light work well.

The Maximum Speed Of Your Motorized Bike

To be honest, electric bikes couldn’t run super fast like motorcycles or mopeds.

There are usually 2 riding modes in an e-bike. The normal one allows you to travel further at a lower speed and the assisted bike mode gives way to the maximum speed of about 20 mph.

Of course, you will have to sacrifice the shorter battery for higher speed.

Due to “not-so-impressive” velocity, e-bikes are still classified as bicycles.

Charge Electric Bike Battery Correctly

You may think that charging an e-bike is easy. Just plug in and connect with the power outlet.

Well, the basic thing is like that.

But to optimize the lifespan of the battery and the performance of the bike, you need to know more.

The temperature of the battery is important. The battery life cycle can be decreased if you charge the battery when it is above 40 degrees. Therefore, you shouldn’t plug in the battery right after riding.

You should also charge the e-bike regularly instead of waiting until the battery completely runs out.

A Few Last Words

As the living standard is rising radically, the world becomes more aware of the carbon footprint on the environment.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce air pollution is turning to electric commuting devices.

While electric cars seem to be a product of the next generation, electric bicycles are available right now in all kinds of market.

The price range from $500 to $1000 gives you a lot of great options for the good electric bikes. My top 10 are some of the most cost-effective for your consideration.

If you have further questions about the best-motorized bike at the mid-range price, let me know if I can help.

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